from the conceptual Art book
Tehran museum of Contemporary Art 2001


“Nasser Teymourpour, 21, is a student of industrial design at Aazd University.
In defining conceptual art, he states: "I would have given an explanation if I had a new one and if I knew the already existing ones I would have tried to elaborate on the as well. Yet, conceptual art, is a method of expressing what is inside, the same is true about art in general and in all eras of human history." He holds that conceptual art has an intimacy with the beliefs and customs of Iran. He demands more facilities, however, to present this genuinely and with more understanding without following other blindfolded.
In this work the rich popular art is being reviewed. The traditions, customs, popular mythos and rituals are valuable and eternal sources of inspiration of artists. I became interested in the grieving cry heard in Chamar ceremony, common in Lorestan and Ilam provinces. Chamar has roots in Neolithic myths. In this ceremony, sounds, forms and even time are all in mourning.”*

* Published in: conceptual Art: Works Presented at the First Exhibition of Iranian Conceptual Art- Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art