Nothing Series

in the slow pace of today's art, I have thought several times with myself that what is the social and historical place of the contemporary art and today's artist, sometimes I'm proud of it and other times the sorrow which the contemporary human being carries takes over me to a point that I have called this factor a vandal or a rather destroying element (of art).
My current works are coming from the second (mentioned) concept.
In creating these works, in order to eliminate the material, I came up with a new concept which I call it "Hijm" (which is a combination of two words in Farsi; nothing and bulk or intensity) or pantomime sculpture.
The negative space between my movements and my idea integrates and ends into creating a sculpture.
These so called "Hijms" have turned every moment of our life into a sculpture from whatever we are not, from nothing. And it's the philosophic concept of nothing which takes a form. Not only it creates a distance between us and its self, but also it becomes objective and it's shape and form questions the concept of material.
In creating the first works of this collection, I used a rather reversed method in which I photographed very basic and original forms, and called them with terms which are more common for materials.
Creating this collection started from 2009 and it still continues‬.

A cube of nothing on a common background

A fat cylinder of nothing on a common background

A sphere of nothing on a common background

A something of nothing on a common background