Hoviyat ( Identity )

Tehran Calling London
London 2013

Identity and immigration are two issues with deep ambiguity within them, sometimes one without the other is meaningless and sometimes together they represent no meaning. At times you'll come across one of them when following the other one and at times one shows itself through the other. Both issues grasp the society when one least expects it.
As soon as you learn a new word, you obtain a new identity and once you start liking a new image you have migrated.
Assessing the value of this topic or criticising it is not within the purpose of my artwork. I have simply put it in front of me and thought about it.
In this work, I have used the identity of a new method of writing which I think has carried out the most blunt attacks against the written Farsi, and with no difficulties has conceived within our young society's womb and will live for a while, and with no doubt it will become a part of our cultural identity.
Here the word "identity" has been represented with a new identity, an identity which is about to migrate from an ancient society to a post-ancient one.