You Can Not See The Whole Story

From the most transparent private messages series
group exhibition - Preview of the past - contemporary Iranian video artist and photographers
(Ausstellungszentrum der Universität fur angewandte Kunst, Austria - Vienna 2010)

This collection includes messages which are not meant to be read! private messages which have been printed in big sizes and later cut in smaller sizes and placed on top of each other. These are in fact the most transparent forms of private messages which sometimes include a romantic sentence and sometimes a social pain...This approach towards transparency can be used in documentation (!! depicting??) of the societies as well, in which different pictures of a society will be printed on transparent papers, and based on their social importance they will be placed on top of each other, so that the less important layers will be visible and the important ones will be hidden. Therefore despite the transparency of the images, the viewer cannot see more than the first few layers due to the density of all the layers together